Handmade relaxing bath bombs in a variety of scents & shapes.

These are in fun fragrances and shapes.


To use: Fill tub with warm/hot water. Place 1 bath bomb in water and watch it fizz and turn the watercolors as it disperses the nourishing coconut oil and salts into the bath water. Get into tub and let the dissolved bath bomb nourish your skin with the coconut oils and Epsom salts.



Shark - Blood Orange - red in the middle

Fortune cookie - Sugared Lemon

Peach - Peach

Skull - Fairy Circle

Cloud/Rainbow - Cashmere Plum

Mermaid - Paradise Island

Cauldron - Love Spell

Pennsylvania - Green Apple

Blueberry Donut - Blueberry

Pistachio Macaroon Donut - Pistachio Macaroon

Ghost - Leaves/Apple

Rainbow Push Pop - Cranberry

Eggplant - Banana

Bong - Volcano

Berry - Pearberry

Toaster - Jam & Toast

Unicorn - Cranberry

Beehive - Oat & Honey

Pierogi -  Herb Garden

Spaceship - Psychedelic 



Ingredients: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Coconut Oil, Fragrance &/or Essential Oils, Polysorbate 80, Color, Mica

Average size 5 ounce


As bath bombs are made in small batches the color can sometimes be different from batch to batch


Pittsburgh, PA


FORTUNE COOKIE, BATH BOMB, Moisturizing, Average size: 5.0oz, Handmade with natural Ingredients, Kids, Women, Men, Children, Gift Idea for Birthdays, Spa Quality, Vegan, Fizzy, Made in USA, Pittsburgh, PA

Fizzy Bath Bombs - Novelty Fizzies & Fun Shapes