We hand dip the incense sticks in high quality fragrance oils and/or essential oils for the best scent possible.
We make the incense sticks in small batches for a fresher product. It take 5 to 7 days to create our fragrant incense sticks.
Each stick should burn over 40 minutes on average and the fragrance will be a lingering joy of relaxation.

They come in a closable plastic bag to store when not in use.

Almond, fresh true almond aroma

Amaretto, is a blend of true almond & ripe black cherries


Rich amber with hints of sandalwood & cedar

Amber Romance

Sweet citrus notes blended with sandalwood, vanilla, & musk. This is a Type of a perfume

Apple Orchard

Juicy crisp apples freshly cut from the orchard

Apple Pie

A great spiced apple pie scent

Apricot Rose

Sweet fresh apricots blended with soft rose petals for alluring aroma

Baby Powder

Soft Powdery notes with soft undertones of floral

Backpacking Breakfast

Smokey bacon, maple syrup and campfire smoke

Baked Bread

Warm fresh bread made from yeast with notes of butter


A fresh complex blend of green stems & leaves balanced with fern & ozone

Banana Bread

A warm, banana nut bread with a sweet, over-ripe banana top note, followed by a buttery, spicy, cinnamon note, and finishing with nutty, maple-vanilla

Bay Rum

Fresh essence of bay leaves with bright orange peel & zest.


A true clean and refreshing bayberry scent blended with mild notes of frost & pine


A blend of juicy pineapple & oranges with creamy coconut enhances the subtle notes of violet flowers, wood & musk

Bergamot Coriander

Energizing citrus mixed with the fresh green notes of coriander for an invigorating aroma

Black currant

A green berry notes with sweet floral hints of rose on a soft powdery & peppery background

Black Ice

A masculine fragrance with notes of citrus & lavender

Blood Orange

mouthwatering citrus notes


Sweet juicy blueberries, a fruity note

Brown Sugar

Sweet brown sugar with vanilla notes

Butt Naked

A tropical drink. Coconut, Melon, Strawberry

Butterfly Garden

Wildflowers and grassy notes

Cactus Flower

A fresh cactus floral note with ozone, herbs & soft sandalwood


The warm glow of crackling warm woods blended with a hint of sweet raspberry and vanilla

Caramel Macchiato

Creamy caramel notes blended with coconut milk, coffee& cocoa powder.

Cashmere Plum

Warm cozy cashmere & amber enhance the notes of plum

Cashmere Woods

Woody fragrance with cedar, amber, musk, & vanilla


A sweet warm floral note of chamomile


Fruity tones of grape blended with musk & sweet woods for a crisp aroma

Cinnamon Bark

More bark than cinnamon notes

Cinnamon Chai

A spicy black tea with citrus peel, clove & cinnamon with a creamy vanilla background

Citronella Lemongrass

Lemon like aroma with grassy undertones

Clean Man

Vibrant bergamot & fresh basil leaf, a clean masculine scent


Strong natural clove notes


A Refreshing ripe coconut just cut into

Coconut Bamboo

The green fresh notes blended with the refreshing aroma of coconut


Strong bitter notes with hints of cream


A classic clean scent of laundry drying in the sun


A Strong fruity fragrance of Fresh Cranberry

Cucumber Melon

Crisp cucumber & fresh cut melon


Smells like fresh potting soil

Dragon's Blood

Unique earthy floral notes blended with patchouli, tonka bean, & citrus zest

Dream Man

Our most Masculine Men’s cologne fragrance. Enticing mix of sandalwood, lemon, fresh floral & musk

Easter Island

Fresh Pineapple & coconut, blended with Orchids natural wood scents

Egyptian Musk

Smells like a soft floral bouquet with background notes of musk. Has a soft powdery scent to it.


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