This is for a 12oz Soy Jar Candle(s)
Pressed Cotton Wick
You pick the scent and quantity.

The jar size is:
12oz = 45 plus hours burning time
We use high quality fragrances, and we use a soy wax blend recipe that we have created for a better scent throw.

These candles do not have:

paraffin wax


UV protector

Fragrance Modifier

Or any other hidden chemicals in them.

Easter Island, Fresh Pineapple & coconut, blended with Orchids natural wood scents    

Egyptian Musk, Smells like a soft floral bouquet with background notes of musk. Has a soft powdery scent to it.

Eucalyptus Spearmint     A calming blend of a soft eucalyptus & spearmint oil

Fairy Circle, Blend of vetiver, sandalwood, & moss

Fifty Shades, A blend of a perfume & a Cologne, note of cedar comes through

Frankincense Myrrh, A traditional blend of Earthy motes of frankincense & myrrh     

Fresh Linen, A strong clean laundry scent

Frosted Pine, A complex & sophistication pine blended with light notes of Eucalyptus & Mint

Fruit Loops, Fruity & sweet with note of milk

Fruity Cereal, A burst of lemon, then fruity with a powdery after note like you just fined the box of cereal

Garlic Bread, Crusty fresh bread baked with roasted garlic

Ginger Peach, well-balanced fragrance consisting of warm ginger essence, combined with juicy peaches

Grape, Smells like grape Kool-Aid

Grass, A clean fresh smell of freshly cut grass

Graveyard Dirt, A blend of potting soil & grass, a clean & earthy aroma                  

Gummy Candy, Sweet & Sour Gummy Candy

Gun Powder, A clean smokey scent. Smells like fresh unused gunpowder                         

Hawaiian Sunset, Fresh floral accord with citrus & musk

Hazelnut Cappuccino, Dark Coffee, Sweet Hazelnut with light milk notes                           

Herb Garden, Rosemary, Sage, & Spearmint

Honeysuckle, Smells like sun-kissed honeysuckle on a warm summer day

Hufflepuff, Sweet marshmallows & chocolate

Jasmine The alluring scent of beautiful & mysterious jasmine flowers

Kiwi Strawberry, Fresh cut slices of juicy strawberries & green kiwi blended to perfection

Lavender, Smells like picking fresh lavender out of the garden, has a subtle herbal note

Lavender Vanilla,  A Strong Vanilla cream with relaxing notes of herbal lavender

Leather, Fresh tanned leather

Lemon Blueberry, A blend of shape citrus and sweet blueberries

Lemon Pound Cake, Lemon Zest Icing with noted of ginger. A warm lemon poundcake with graham crust

Lemongrass, sharp lemon notes balanced with the fresh clean scent of grass                 

Licorice, Strong & true licorice notes

Lilac,  Strong lilac blooms at their peak

Love Spell,  Lush blend of orange, peach & cherry with jasmine

Mahogany Teakwood, Green, citrus enhanced by sweet woody musk

Mango Papaya Sweet Island aroma of juicy papaya & chunks of mango

Maple Pecan waffles, Butter & Maple Notes followed by subtle spice & baking notes with a sweet finish

Maple syrup & Pancakes, Strong maple scent that smells like you just made pancakes

Midsummer Night’s, Enchanting blend of herbs, masculine woods, & citrus                    

Milk & Honey, Golden honey, buttermilk, vanilla, & oats

Mom’s Cinnamon Rolls, Sweet, creamy top notes followed by cinnamon and clove with sweet maple

Monkey Farts, Bananas, Berries, coconut

Moonlight Patch, Floral & musk woven in a deeply romantic fragrance

Moroccan Nights, Sweet tobacco & citrus blended with musk 7 pepper

Mother Earth, Smells like waxy tropical plant leaves with a hint of sweetness

Mums, Fresh blooming orange flowers with warm woody undertones

Nag Champa, a warm blend of spicy woods with a fruity citrus and powdery floral notes

Nefertiti, A classy blend of floral bouquets with hints of fruits

Night Sea, Earthy fragrance with lavender& ylang Ylang mixed with musk, ambergris & sea salt

Odor Eliminator, Sweet Floral notes that helps with odor

Old Books, Musky, damp paper & leather-bound books

Old Times, Old traditional barber shop fragrance. The powder they use after a shave

Orange Clove, Fresh clove spices blended with orange rind

Paradise Island, Ozone blended with citrus, pineapple, coconut, & light musk

Patchouli, Rich earthy fragrance with a sweet note 

Pear Berry, Sweet tart berries blended with Pear

Peppermint, a very crisp, clean, true peppermint scent

Pickled Watermelon, Dill & watermelon with a slight lemon scent   

Pineapple Sage, sweet pineapple blended with herbal garden sage

Pink Sugar, Sweet like cotton candy with jasmine & musk

Pipe Tobacco, A blend of tobacco with violet, wood, & cherry

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