This is for a 12oz Soy Jar Candle(s)
Press Cotton Wick
You pick the scent and quantity.

The jar size is:
12oz = 45 plus hours burning time

We use high quality fragrances and use a soy wax blend recipe that we have created for a better scent throw.

These candles do not have:

paraffin wax***


UV protector***

Fragrance Modifier***

Or any other hidden chemicals in them.

***The chemicals above can cause headaches, migraines, liver damage & more, why we refuse to use them.

*** Note: not using a UV protector can make the wax change to a yellow color, but these candles are meant to be burned and smell great and not used for decoration.

**NO COLOR/White is my favorite. Color can alter the burn in cotton wicks. Leaving the candle White is also making sure the candle is more natural.

The fun Black label in the picture is of a green man with my shop's name.

The bottom of the candle has the warning label.
White wax is NO added color but please understand with such a high fragrance level the wax does change to different shades of cream or an off white depending on the fragrance color.

Almond, A fresh true almond aroma

Almond Torte, Almond, hot cocoa, vanilla, coconutAmarettois a blend of true almond & ripe black cherries

Amber, Rich amber with hints of sandalwood & cedar

Amber Romance, Sweet citrus notes blended with sandalwood, vanilla, & musk. This is a Type of a perfume

Apple Cinnamon Crisp, crisp apple scent mixed with notes of warm, rich walnuts, oats, cinnamon, butter and brown sugar

Apple Orchard, Juicy crisp apples freshly cut from the orchard

Apple Pie, A great spiced apple pie scent

Apricot, Fresh & true notes of ripened apricots

Apricot Rose, Sweet fresh apricots blended with soft rose petals for alluring aroma

Baby Powder, Soft Powdery notes with soft undertones of floral

Baked Bread, Warm fresh bread made from yeast with notes of butter

Bamboo, A fresh complex blend of green stems & leaves balanced with fern & ozone

Banana Bread, A warm, banana nut bread with a sweet, over-ripe banana top note, followed by a buttery, spicy, cinnamon note, and finishing with nutty, maple-vanilla

Bay Rum, Fresh essence of bay leaves with bright orange peel & zest.

Beach, A blend of juicy pineapple & oranges with creamy coconut enhances the subtle notes of violet flowers, wood & musk

Bergamot Coriander, Energizing citrus mixed with the fresh green notes of coriander for an invigorating aroma

Birthday Cake, Buttercream icing surrounds delectable cake confection. Vanilla cake sweetened with maple for the perfect birthday cake scent

Black currant, A green berry notes with sweet floral hints of rose on a soft powdery & peppery background

Black Ice, A masculine fragrance with notes of citrus & lavender

Blood Orange, mouthwatering citrus notes

Blue Linen, Enchanting scent with bright florals & a hint of sweet citrus

Blueberry, Sweet juicy blueberries, a fruity note

BLUEBERRY COBBLER, A fruity creamy bakery notes with sweet after tones

Bourbon, Fruity, woody, & musky. Smells like aged bourbon in barrels

Brown Sugar, Sweet brown sugar with vanilla notes

BUBBLE GUM, smells like the gum that comes in baseball cards

Butt Naked, A tropical drink. Coconut, Melon, Strawberry

Butterfly Garden, Wildflowers and grassy notes

Butterscotch Brulé, Very Sweet, Brown sugar, butterscotch & caramelized sugar

Cactus Flower, A fresh cactus floral note with ozone, herbs & soft sandalwood

Calm Mint Down, Lavender, basil, & spearmint to calm the senses

Campfire, The warm glow of crackling warm woods blended with a hint of sweet raspberry and vanilla

Caramel Macchiato, Creamy caramel notes blended with coconut milk, coffee& cocoa powder.

Cashmere Plum, Warm cozy cashmere & amber enhance the notes of plum

Cashmere Woods, Woody fragrance with cedar, amber, musk, & vanilla

Chai, A spicy delight with citrus peel, clove & cinnamon with a creamy vanilla

Chamomile, A sweet warm floral note of chamomile

Chardonnay, Fruity tones of grape blended with musk & sweet woods for a crisp aroma

Cheesecake, Notes of graham cracker & sweet creamy butter, vanilla, & cream cheese

Cherry, Sweet Ripe cherries with a slight tartness

Chocolate, A rich, slightly bitter aroma of ground dark chocolate

Chocolate Covered Cherries, Notes of juicy cherry, melted chocolate with a maple syrup

Cinnamon Bark, More bark than cinnamon notes

Citronella Lemongrass, Lemon like aroma with grassy undertones

Clean Man, vibrant bergamot & fresh basil leaf, a clean masculine scent

Clove, Strong natural clove notes

Coconut, A Refreshing ripe coconut just cut into

Coconut Bamboo, The green fresh notes blended with the refreshing aroma of coconut

Coconut Lime, Notes of coconut & lime with hints of vanilla

Code, Fresh lemon & bergamot to create this seductive masculine fragrance. Hints of citrus, woods, & tonka bean

Coffee, Strong bitter notes with hints of cream

Cotton, A classic clean scent of laundry drying in the sun

Cozy Cabin, Winter air, warm spices blended with Sandalwood & cashmere vanilla

Cranberry, A Strong fruity fragrance of Fresh Cranberry

Cucumber Melon, Crisp cucumber & fresh cut melon

Dragon's Blood

Unique earthy floral notes blended with patchouli, tonka bean, & citrus zest


Masculine combination of lavender & spice with citrus & warm woods

Dream Man

Our most Masculine Men’s cologne fragrance. Enticing mix of sandalwood, lemon, fresh floral & musk

***PSquare Soaps and Scents, or I, shall not be held responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses resulting from the use of products purchased from my shop. Purchasing my products signifies your acceptance of this statement and releases me from all liability.

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