This is for 1 - one - 8.5 ounce bag of potpourri

I love a great smelling home!
Potpourri is a mixture of dried, fragrant plant materials, used to provide a gentle natural scent. It is often placed in a decorative bowl, metal pan or in a glass jar so the oils do not damage any surfaces!

You'll receive an 8.5oz bag of potpourri
The picture shows the amount of potpourri, packaged in a cello-bag & tied.
Included is a refresher vial of the scent you select
A drop or two of our Refresher Oil every now and then will keep your aroma fresh and lively.
Use oil with cation for oil can damage surfaces including but not limited to wood or fabric surfaces.

In Picture:
LEFT with Green and Yellow; OUD AMBER
MIDDLE with White and Brown: WHITE TEA
RIGHT with Orange and Brown: GINGER PEACH

I use the same great premium oils for your potpourri as I do for your candles keeping our scents and products smelling true to the aroma notes!

Your potpourri will be heavily scented, but not overpowering.
Just a hint: placing your potpourri out of the direct sunlight and away from heat sources will keep your potpourri scented longer.

Decorative Potpourri Blend, Perfect for Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, PSquare Scents llc Scented Botanical

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Decorative Potpourri Blend