The jar size is:
12oz = 45 plus hours burning time
Pressed Cotton Wick

We use high quality fragrances, and we use a soy wax blend recipe that we have created for a better scent throw.

These candles do not have:

paraffin wax***


UV protector***

Fragrance Modifier***

Or any other hidden chemicals in them.

***The chemicals above can cause headaches, migraines, liver damage & more, why we refuse to use them.

*** Note: not using a UV protector can make the wax change to a yellow color, but these candles are meant to be burned and smell great and not used for decoration.

**NO COLOR/White is my favorite. Color can alter the burn in cotton wicks. Leaving the candle White is also making sure the candle is more natural.


Pickled Watermelon

Dill & sweet Watermelon blended to perfection

Pistachio Macaron

Notes of crushed Pistachio with coconut, sugar baked into a cookie


Zesty pizza sauce cooked with oregano & thyme


Strawberries & cream blended with patchouli

Raven Claw

Old books, moss, Cashmere & cedar

Red Hot Cinnamon

A strong sweet spicy cinnamon

Road Warrior

Leather, Rubber, Gasoline, Gunpowder, smells like a cleaned garage


Floral rose petals


A herbal crisp scent


A clean aroma of garden sage

Salted Caramel

Caramelized Sugar & butter blended with a pinch of sea salt


Has a soft woody note with a slight sweetness. A deep calming scent

Santa Cruz

Bright citrus with sweet florals & fresh tropical greens. A calming scent

Sea Salt Orchid

Elegant floral notes with sea salt under tones

Sea Salt Yuzu

Sea Salt blended with Citrus


Earthy like the woods, dirt, grass, moss


A cookie dough base sprinkled with Cinnamon, sugar, & ginger

Spilling the T

Sweet Black Tea with Peach

Stormy Nights

A gorgeous fragrance combined with hyacinth and heather with leafy green notes to create a storm

Strawberry Champagne

Crisp & bubbly champagne with sweet juicy strawberries

Sun & Sand

Tropical beach breeze with citrus, lavender, & musk

Sweet Tea

Black tea with lots of sugar

Throwing Shade

Salty dark ozone


A complex blend of floral, berries, ozone


Light, crisp green notes reminiscent of spring flowers and wild herbs. A background of light woods and warm musk complete the blend


Sweet tobacco  

Tobacco Coffee

Sweet tobacco & coffee

Tobacco Leather

Sweet tobacco with suede & leather

Vanilla Bean

A strong bakery Vanilla, smelly like a heavy whipping cream flavored with vanilla


Smells like a blend of mango, guava and sugared lemons with tropical green notes in the background

Watermelon, Fresh & juicy watermelon


Smells like seeds & stems from your first bag. Earthy


Oak Aged barrels tis whiskey has aged in

White Gardenia

Gardenia floral notes with subtle hints of ylang ylang

White Tea

a blend of citrus, jasmine, herbs and tea, a luxurious spa fragrance

Witches Brew

Cinnamon, Patchouli & cedar

Zucchini Bread

A piping hot bread bursting with notes of freshly grated zucchini cinnamon and warm spices

Zucchini Bread French Toast

Walnuts, cinnamon, & zucchini bread cooked & topped with maple syrup

***PSquare Soaps and Scents, or I, shall not be held responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses resulting from the use of products purchased from my shop. Purchasing my products signifies your acceptance of this statement and releases me from all liability.

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