This is for 1- GLASS SMELLY JELLY Car Freshener


WHY MINE ARE UNIQUE, I do not skimp on the scent, at all!  When the liquid starts evaporating or when the crystals are shrinking, you can always add more water to them to help extend the life of these jars.  These jars can last a month(s) or more depending on room temperature and if you add water to them when they start getting low.

These jars are water based but I do add glycerin to help preserve the fragrance so these jars can be used for a longer amount of time than others.  When the fragrant liquid is running down you can add distilled water and a pinch of salt to extend the fragrance even more.  When these are place by a heat source, they will evaporate quicker and scent the area stronger.  So, placing by a heat vent or on a window seal helps disperse the scent.


***If it is cold or freezing outside, we do not recommend this item in your car for they can freeze and the glass can break. ***


My SMELLY JELLY JARS are highly scented, and I use high quality fragrances to create these.  I personally use these every day in my personal life.  I have one in almost every room in the house and even one in my car.  These are great gifts for friends and family as well!  People just rave over how good these Smelly Jelly Jars are all the time. 


      JUST FOR YOU!!!

 Directions: Open lid, remove paper liner, put lid back on and enjoy.


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Smelly Jelly Car Freshener


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