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April 6th event

Join PSquare Scents LLC and Steel Goat Marketplace for a Candle Making Activity! This will be a fun time where you will be able to make one of our signatures 12oz candles, custom blending your own fragrance. #Pennhills

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Our favorites


Shaving soaps

Men and women have different needs, which is why we make shaving soaps for each gender. The men's soap is a cold process soap full of great lather and tight bubbles. The women's soap is a glycerin soap that has silk & oat proteins and makes a light lather for the razor to glide over to help stop nicks & to cover all areas.

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Soy Candles

We believe in pure and simple ingredients.


Clean, hand-blended soy wax.

High-end ribbon (no fuss) wick that needs no trimming.

True, clean fragrances that smell like what they say they are.

incense sticks

Incense, The best way to fill a home with a beautiful fragrance with little no no fuss.  Our sticks will burn around 40+ minutes per stick and the true notes of the fragrance will last.

burning incense stick.jpg


Naturally Simple

We do not add color to our candles, for this can clog wicks and interfere with their fragrance. Color in cake frosting taste horrible when to much is added and color in candles is the same thing. To much and the fragrance will smell off and chemically.

* UV Protector, We do not add this like most candle makers, It causes Liver Damage.  Our soy way and fragrance oils out the highest quality. Any light either from  a light bulb or the sun can change soy wax to a yellow color. This does not interfere with the quality of the fragrance or the burn, just the color.  Some of our candles can change a yellow color or have an un-even yellow/white appearance.  This is perfectly natural and shows that we do not add hidden ingredients for you to breath in.

* Paraffin Wax, We do not add this wax to our soy candles, some candle makers do.  Paraffin wax is made from petroleum and/or coal.  This can cause headache and makes people nauseous breathing in.

* Low quality fragrance oils, are usually cut with harsher more synthetic chemical to either make them stronger, last longer on the shelf or to dilute the fragrance to make it go farther. These lower grade fragrances can cause major headache in sensitive people, myself included why I only use the highest quality fragrance oils on the market.

* Fragrance Modifier, We do not use. This is a chemical that some candle makers can use to extend their oils but it can cause headaches and sensitivity to scents.

Customer Comments:


"Love our local Fragrance shop. Service is top notch, and selection of candles is divine."

"Wonderful addition to this neighborhood!"

"You got it all right! Love the candles!!"

"Great Variety"

"Very unique and quaint fragrance store. I wished I had one in my hometown.  Cozy setting, friendly and professional service. Thank You!"

"The owner was great and sure is helpful. I can't wait to shave with my new stuff"

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